• We are a loving, inclusive and active faith community seeking to serve god, follow Christ and be instrument of change in the world. We find strength in the cultural, economic and political diversity of our congregation. 

    Through the beauty of our biblical and liturgical traditions we discover relevant meaning for our varied lives as we seek to embrace our most authentic selves.

    Empowered by our Christian values, we seek to extend god’s boundless love beyond worship to those in the larger community, making god’s love tangible in the twenty-first century. We are always aware that the measure of a healthy church is not whether the people who go to church there have better lives but whether the people who don’t go to church there have better lives because of the people who do go to church there.  Healthy religion is about knowing how beloved you are and taking practical steps to make sure that other people know how beloved they are. I pray that you feel god’s unconditional love in our church and warm welcome of our congregation.


    This website tries to offer a glimpse at who we are, what we believe and help you engage in the vibrant live and ministries of church of the messiah.


    In Christ's name

    Abel E. Lopez



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