Pastoral Care is the ministry of us all, both clergy and laity, to bring kindness, care, or simply a presence to those in need or joy as we accompany our church family on their individual journeys.  Whether you are in need or wish to offer support to others, there is a place for everyone within this broad ministry to serve Christ by responding in love to the needs of our church.


The ministry of caring at the heart of the church's life. It may include hospital visitation, counseling, and ministries of shared presence, listening, and support. Pastoral care can refer to the ministries of hospital chaplains, pastoral counselors and therapists, social workers, and other professionals who serve in the name of the church. It also includes parish ministries of clergy and laity who respond to human need.


This is a vital group of seniors learning together about aging - medically, legally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The group meets on 1st and 3rd Sunday every month at 9:00 A.M. in the Upper Room.

To get involved, contact: 

Bob Butcher



The Caregiver Support Group is a comfortable place and resource sharing for those who are caring for parents or others. It is a safe place to grieve and share stories and burdens. The date and time will be provided to all who email the Zoom host.

To get involved, contact: 

Joyce Dery



This group meets in the Upper Room every Tuesday evening for an extended period of silent meditation and prayer. We come together to practice Centering Prayer, a prayer form currently practiced by thousands of Christians all around the world. It is a simple and humble way of prayer. All are welcome.

To get involved, contact: 

Karen Goran



The Body, the Mind, and the Spirit are all intertwined in the human experience. Health Ministries is a program that supports parishioners and the community with wholeness, wellness and prevention of disease through education, community service, and promotion of self-care. Health Ministries organizes formal activities, like blood pressure screenings and Flu shot vaccinations, as well as many individual consultations for parishioners with unique needs.

To get involved, contact: 

Susan Johnson



Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEVs) are licensed lay members by the Diocese of Los Angeles to distribute previously blessed elements of Holy Communion to persons unable to attend regular worship services. LEVs represent the church to the homebound and serve as a reminder that they are an integral part of the Body of Christ. This provides a sense of connection to those who might otherwise feel isolated. This ministry of “presence” is a blessing to the person who is visited and to the Lay Eucharistic Visitor as well.

To get involved, contact: 

Steve Hively



Mujeres de Fe y Esperanza ministry provides women a nurturing space to support one another while sharing about their joys and concerns of life. The ministry focuses on Bible Study and how Jesus’s teaching related to their own lives. Group discussions have a thematic focus based on readings or explorations of spiritual practices, such as Lectio Divina. Individual members of the group take turns leading the monthly gathering and introducing different ways to approach the Bible and studying it in community. Meetings are conducted in Spanish. Meet every 3rd Saturday 10am-12pm in the Upper Room.

To get involved, contact: 

Julie Chay



The Pastoral Care Team constitutes a group of trained lay leaders organized and supervised by the Rector who are good listeners, trustworthy, approachable, and empathetic and able to offer pastoral care to Messiah’s parishioners. The Pastoral Care Team meets periodically to share insights and mutual support and look for ways to support to those in need within our church community.

To get involved, contact: 

Fr. Abel Lopez



Wednesday’s Women meets on the 1st Wednesday of every month for conversation on topics of spiritual interest led by members on a rotating basis. The meeting begins at 6:30pm with appetizers or desserts and beverages. Past topics have included clay-making, poetry-reading, and reflecting on lyrics of hymns written by women. Wednesday’s Women has been meeting since the 1990s and welcomes all women of Messiah to join for fellowship and community.

To get involved, contact: 

Lorna Adkins